Membership is currently free and the benefits of being a part of INPST include:

The opportunity to participate in joint research/publications/grant applications with other like-minded researchers from around the world;
Free promotion of your recent publications via Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, ResearchGate and the INPST website;
Unique networking opportunities;
Access to exclusive information that will be shared with members only, such as job advertisements, grant funding opportunities, research awards and collaborative projects, courses, conference announcements, and more.

Application to join INPST

To apply for joining INPST, please contact [email protected] (Atanas G. Atanasov) with information stating your scientific interests and a link to some of your researcher profiles (GoogleScholar or ResearchGate). Previous experience in the natural product research/science area is a necessary condition for joining INPST as a member (please also see below information for our mailing list, which does not need experience in natural product research).

Mailing list

Colleagues who wish to learn more about INPST before deciding to join as members, scientists who work in areas not related to natural products, and all people who are interested in the topics explored by INPST are invited to join our mailing list (link to subscribe to the mailing list is located at the bottom of the page).


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