It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. – Charles Darwin

Nutraceutical products bioactivity characterization

A range of diverse nutraceutical products are freely available for bioactivity characterization, within an INPST collaboration aiming the preparation of joint scientific publications. Further information and a list of the available nutraceutical products can be obtained from [email protected]

GLOBE-PA: Collaborative work in the area of natural product science and business

INPST together with NaturAI (formerly Envision Biotechnology) initiated the launch of the GLOBE Program Association (GLOBE-PA), a non-profit consortium focused on natural product science-based data integration; sharing of expertise, knowledge, services and materials for natural product business and academic research; scientific and business matchmaking; and assistance in the commercialization of natural product applications. You can join GLOBE-PA here.

INPST sample-to-bioactivity (S2B) exchange program

INPST members possess unique collections of isolated natural compounds, crude extracts, and dietary supplements, which are available for in vitro and in vivo bioactivity evaluation. A broad range of pharmacological models and techniques (in silico, in vitro, ex vivo, in vivo) are also available at the laboratories of diverse INPST members. In order to initiate a collaborative work (aiming joint scientific publications and/or joint patent applications) please contact [email protected] with information what kind of samples or bioactivity tests you would like to potentially offer for inclusion in the INPST samples-to-bioactivities exchange program.

Inoviem Scientific drug discovery and development services: 10% discount for INPST members & friends

Inoviem Scientific offers 10% discount for INPST members & friends for joint work focused on interactomics or any of the following services (offered as research collaboration or contract research):

-Molecular targets identification (On /OFF)
-Patient stratification
-biomarkers identification and validation
-drug target clinical mode of action
-lead optimization

Please get in touch by email if you are interested to receive a voucher code for the above-mentioned 10% discount.



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