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  • How The Myers-Briggs Personality Test Began In A Mother’s Living Room Lab
    "The language of type can be immensely clarifying," says author Merve Emre. In The Personality Brokers she describes how a mother-daughter duo started a multi-million dollar "people sorting" industry.(Image credit: Cameron Pollack/NPR) ... read more
    Source: Science: NPRPublished on 2018-09-22
  • U.N.: Excessive Drinking Killed Over 3 Million People Worldwide in 2016
    (GENEVA) — Drinking too much alcohol killed more than 3 million people in 2016, mostly men, the World Health Organization said. The U.N. health agency also warned that current policy responses are not sufficient to reverse trends predicting an increase in consumption over the next 10 years. In a new report Friday, the agency said that about 237 million men and 46 million women faced alcohol problems, with the highest prevalence in Europe and the Americas. Europe has the highest global per capita alcohol consumption, even though it has already dropped by 10 percent since 2010. Around a third of ... read more
    Source: Health – TIMEPublished on 2018-09-22
  • news analysis: Just Don’t Call It Privacy
    Amazon, Google and Twitter executives are heading to Congress. Should legislators give consumers control over the data companies have on them? ... read more
    Source: New York Times – TechnologyPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Seasonal plague kills two more in Madagascar
    Madagascar's seasonal outbreak of pneumonic plague has killed two more people, taking the death toll to four, the health ministry said on Saturday. ... read more
    Source: Medical XpressPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Italy extends time for vaccine proof for young school kids
    Italian parents have more time before having to produce proof to schools that their children have received 10 mandatory vaccinations. ... read more
    Source: Medical XpressPublished on 2018-09-22
  • [Comment] Are all drug-eluting stents created equal?
    Non-inferiority trials with combined clinical endpoints in allcomer populations were suggested as a compromise between premarket assessments and speed of innovation.1 However, it is important to remain aware of the limitations of the information provided by these trials. In The Lancet, Clemens von Birgelen and colleagues2 report their comparison of two highly regarded drug-eluting stents in clinical use (the Resolute Onyx and the Orsiro stents) in a population of 2488 allcomers. The primary endpoint was target vessel failure, a hierarchical combination of safety endpoints (cardiac death or target vessel myocardial infarction) with an efficacy endpoint (target vessel revascularisation) at 1 ... read more
    Source: The LancetPublished on 2018-09-22
  • [Articles] Thin composite wire strut, durable polymer-coated (Resolute Onyx) versus ultrathin cobalt–chromium strut, bioresorbable polymer-coated (Orsiro) drug-eluting stents in allcomers with coronary artery disease (BIONYX): an international, single-blind, randomised non-inferiority trial
    The Resolute Onyx stent was non-inferior to Orsiro for a combined safety and efficacy endpoint at 1-year follow-up in allcomers. The low event rate in both groups suggests that both stents are safe, and the very low rate of stent thrombosis in the Resolute Onyx group warrants further clinical investigation. ... read more
    Source: The LancetPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Ask Ethan: Why Aren’t Rays Of Sunshine Parallel?
    If the Sun is 93 million miles away, why does sunlight filtering through the clouds or the trees spread out? ... read more
    Source: Forbes | SciencePublished on 2018-09-22
  • Climate Change Comes Home To Roost In North Carolina
    Breached swine lagoons. Overflowing coal waste ponds. Sewage in the streets. The hellish aftermath of climate-fueled Hurricane Florence. ... read more
    Source: HuffingtonPost | SciencePublished on 2018-09-22
  • FDA: Here Is The 2019 Strategic Approach To Combat Antimicrobial Resistance
    FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb outlined these 4 general strategic approaches to address the problems of increasing antimicrobial resistance and a lack of new antibiotics being developed. ... read more
    Source: Forbes | SciencePublished on 2018-09-22
  • Fall Equinox Daylight Maps
    Map collection of maps showing different comparisons of daylight on, and around, the fall equinox. ... read more
    Source: Forbes | SciencePublished on 2018-09-22
  • Pets, If You Are On These Flea And Tick Medications, Beware Of Seizures
    The FDA has issued a warning about medications in the isoxazoline class such as Bravecto, Credelio, Nexgard and Simparica. ... read more
    Source: Forbes | SciencePublished on 2018-09-22
  • What Are Chemtrails Made Of?
    Believers in chemtrails say those trails are actually clouds of chemicals used by the government for nefarious purposes. But as Carl Sagan says, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary... -- Read more on ... read more
    Source: Scientific AmericanPublished on 2018-09-22
  • The Cajun Navy: Heroes Or Hindrances In Hurricanes?
    President Trump praised the Cajun Navy during a visit to North Carolina. But federal emergency managers say volunteers can put themselves and others in danger if they don't go through proper channels.(Image credit: Maddalena Richards/NPR) ... read more
    Source: Health: NPRPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Veterans Struggling After Sexual Assault Increasingly Turn To Service Dogs
    Though the VA provides veterinary benefits for service dogs assigned to people with physical disabilities, it does not currently recognize psychiatric service dogs for treatment.(Image credit: Claire Harbage/NPR) ... read more
    Source: Health: NPRPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Study: Since The 1970s, Drug Overdoses Have Grown Exponentially
    The research suggests that the ongoing opioid crisis may be part of a larger epidemic going back decades. The study also shows more users take multiple drugs — many of which are more potent. ... read more
    Source: Health: NPRPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Cholera outbreak in Nigeria claims nearly 100 lives
    A cholera outbreak in north-eastern Nigeria has claimed nearly 100 lives over the past two weeks, the United Nations said Saturday. ... read more
    Source: Medical XpressPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Workplace Wellness Plans Offer Big Incentives, But May Cost Your Privacy
    Uncertainty over federal standards for these cost-saving programs could trigger different perks for employees, and change what they must do to qualify.(Image credit: Molly Cranna/Refinery29/Getty Images) ... read more
    Source: Health: NPRPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Russia throws doubt on joint lunar space station with U.S.: RIA
    Moscow may abandon a project to build a space station in lunar orbit in partnership with U.S. space agency NASA because it does not want a "second fiddle role," a Russian official said on Saturday. ... read more
    Source: Reuters: Science NewsPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Medical News Today: The Mediterranean diet reduces stroke risk, too
    In the latest study to investigate the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, researchers identify a reduction in stroke risk for those who partake. ... read more
    Source: Medical News TodayPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Raw sewage in streets: Cholera is Zimbabwe’s latest crisis
    Raw sewage flows freely in some streets of Zimbabwe's capital, posing a deadly challenge to the recently elected president who has promised the troubled country a new dawn. ... read more
    Source: Medical XpressPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Surfacing: For Hackers, Anonymity Was Once Critical. That’s Changing.
    At Defcon, one of the world’s largest hacking conferences, new pressures are reshaping the community’s attitudes toward privacy and anonymity. ... read more
    Source: New York Times – TechnologyPublished on 2018-09-22
  • ‘I wanted a truncheon in my pants’: the rise of the penis extension
    More and more men are opting for surgical penis enlargement. Is it a confidence boost, or a con?It has been more than a year since the operation, but Alistair is still furious about the results. “I paid £8,000 and they mutilated me,” he says. “It was butchery. My partner said it looked like a war wound. My erection is basically ruined.”In July 2017, the 55-year-old decorator, from London, became one of a growing number of British men to have a surgical penis enlargement. Talk of enhancement was once the preserve of promotional spam mail for bizarre-looking pills and pumps; now, ... read more
    Source: The Guardian – Health and WellbeingPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Who was the mysterious gardener Miss Harrison?
    A box of archives reveals the story of a pioneering 19th century gardener who blazed a trail for women. ... read more
    Source: BBC News – Science and EnvironmentPublished on 2018-09-22
  • The New IPhone Is in Stores. Here Are 5 Reasons to Wait Before Buying It
    Just think about it. ... read more
    Source: ScienceAlertPublished on 2018-09-22
  • We Might Have Just Discovered The Missing Link Between The Brain And Gut
    "We think these findings are going to be the biological basis of a new sense." ... read more
    Source: ScienceAlertPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Japan Has Enough Nuclear Material to Build an Arsenal. Its Plan: Recycle.
    Japan has spent decades building a facility to turn nuclear waste into nuclear fuel, but neighbors fear it has other plans for its plutonium. ... read more
    Source: New York Times – SciencePublished on 2018-09-22
  • Scientists Just Created a Magnetic Field That Takes Us Closer Than Ever Before to Harnessing Nuclear Fusion
    They were able to control it without  destroying any equipment this time. ... read more
    Source: ScienceAlertPublished on 2018-09-22
  • Edwina Brocklesby: ‘My sons join me on triathlons – we jump in the river together’
    The athlete and fitness charity founder, 75, on cheerleading and swimming with manta raysI sleep brilliantly – not enough, but brilliantly. I rarely get eight hours; my Fitbit says it’s somewhere between six and seven a night. I avoid looking at my phone; I’m always telling my children about the impact of blue light, so I can’t nag them and do it myself. Continue reading... ... read more
    Source: The Guardian – Health and WellbeingPublished on 2018-09-22
  • These Robots Run, Dance and Flip. But Are They a Business?
    Boston Dynamics often makes a splash with videos of its anthropomorphic robots. But after years of work, it is not clear who would buy them or what they would be used for. ... read more
    Source: New York Times – TechnologyPublished on 2018-09-22



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