Bioactivity of Medicinal Plants and Extracts

Dear Colleagues,

Medicinal plants and natural products have played a central role in therapeutics, being considered the origin of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Plants are still a source in nature to obtain and isolate molecules with pharmacological applications (drug discovery) but can also be used as herbal medicinal products in traditional or complementary medicine.

In addition, the WHO has launched a Traditional Medicine Strategy (2014–2023), including herbal medicines as medicinal therapies, with the aim to ensure the quality, safety, proper use, and effectiveness of traditional medicines, among other objectives.

For all these reasons, this Special Issue on “Bioactivity of Medicinal Plants and Extracts” includes a collection of original research and review articles on new advances in the development and application of bioactive compounds and extracts from plant matrices.

Dr. Francisco Les
Dr. Víctor López
Dr. Guillermo Cásedas
Guest Editors

More information for the Special Issue is available on the website of the journal.