Bulgarian Bioscience Society

1. Introduction

The aim of our organization is to provide members of the Bulgarian bioscience community with a means of coming into contact with one another, that would aid in forming acquaintances and exchanging useful knowledge, thus bringing about the consolidation of a unified community for mutual aid and enrichment.

This would be fulfilled by sharing and reviewing scientific articles, participating in video and forum-based discussions on relevant topics of the bioscience spectrum, organizing virtual and real-life events and organizing webinars/web presentations on specific subjects of academic or industrial nature. Additionally, information of professional relevance will also be distributed, such as advertisements for open positions, internships, collaborations, PhD and postdoc projects, etc.

Also, further ahead we would like to set up a science communications team that would engage the broader public in significant scientific matters.

2. Development

The foundations of the group were laid on the 21st of March 2018 and since then it is in the initial stages of its development. Currently there are 97 members in the preliminary Facebook group, who have been assimilated as result of direct contact.

At this point our focus is directed to the acquisition of support from prospective lecturers for the official webinars and setting up intragroup webinars with current members, so that there could be a diversification of the content. When we have already gained the support of a representative number of lecturers, we will initiate a broad campaign in social media, as well as in situ on campuses and universities, where potential people from the target group could be reached. Only after the assimilation of at least 200 members in total, could the functionality of the community be high enough for us to start with the official webinars and discussions. Additionally, lecturers will be issued signed certificates for participation.

In the meantime, we will put effort into expanding to other platforms, such as an internet page, YouTube channel and a LinkedIn group. Our hope is that by the beginning of July, the media campaign could be set into motion, when our registration as an NGO will most probably occur.

3. Members

Our intention is that the target group would span from last-year high school students, who will go on to pursue an educational path in bioscience related fields, through university students, to young and possibly also experienced professionals. The current distribution is corresponding, with university students being the biggest population.

4. Platforms

We aim to make use of several social media platforms:

  • Facebook

This will be our primary social hub. Most of the content will be shared there including articles, webinars, discussions, videos, questions, etc. Also, organizational matters will be discussed.

  • YouTube
    The channel will contain webinars, as well as other informational videos, regarding topics like specific study fields, programs, universities, cities, experience in academia and industry, etc. The informational content will be created by members of the group.


  • LinkedIn
    The group will hold current professionals and webinar lecturers, as well as members who want to have access to the specific content. The aforementioned will consist of exclusive webinars with the possibility of a discussion, articles and analyses of a more industrial nature, information on job openings, internships, conferences and specialized webinars from other sources, e.g. GEN, Merck Millipore and others.


  • Internet page

It will hold representative contents from our other platforms, news, information on events, as well as information on our contributors and collaborators. An interactive map of members around the globe will also be considered.


5. Contributors

Although still in our early stages of development, we have gained the support from key contributors:


  • IMC UAS Krems
    It will provide us with lecturers and advice

Link: https://www.fh-krems.ac.at/


  • “Bulgarian Science” magazine

It will aid us in distributing information on events and press releases to a broad audience

Link: https://nauka.bg/



  • International Natural Product Sciences Taskforce

INPST will support for gaining broader visibility among the scientific community and the general public, and will help with the recruitment of lecturers
Link: https://inpst.net/


Any questions can be addressed to the following e-mail: viktordenev96@gmail.com


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