Collaboration call: Biological evaluation of natural products from Selaginella and their analogs

Dear INPST colleagues, we are currently looking for a collaboration within our project focused on synthesis and biological evaluation of natural products from Selaginella genus and their derivatives and synthetic analogs. These compounds show prominent inhibitory activity against PDE4 enzyme and therefore, we are in particular interested to find a collaboration in this direction. Very little is known about other biological activity of these polyphenols, therefore, any other collaboration is welcome and very much appreciated.

We are a synthetic group, and we recently developed a synthesis of some representatives of Selaginella genus constituents, namely selagibenzophenones A and B and some selaginpulvilins. We also synthesized several derivatives, which may reveal some information about structure-activity-relationship. Several compounds are ready to be evaluated right away, few are underway. We are happy to provide any details if you are interested.


Dr. Lukas Rycek

Department of Organic Chemistry
Charles University
Faculty of Science
Hlavova 8, 128 00 Praha 2