Collaboration call: Root of Althea officinalis (marsh-mallow)

Dear Colleagues,

We are starting a project, which broadly speaking will look at the chemical composition of marshmallow (Althea officinalis). It follow the concept we had used in a paper on SJW:

In essence the idea is to look at the chemical variability of marshmallow root – Althea officinalis, among other reasons for its use in cough medicines. Therefore we are reaching out to colleagues in order to get samples which we can analyse phytochemcially. We are interested both in cultivated material, esp. material which enters the trade, but also wild collections. If you have some semi-processed drug substance this would also be of interest. All we need is 5 – 10 g of the crude drug, plus, if possible and image of the field / plant or some other means of verification of the material. Please note, we are specifically looking at the root / rootstock.


Prof. Michael Heinrich

Research Group ‘Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy’
UCL School of Pharmacy, Univ. London

29 – 39 Brunswick Sq.

London WC1N 1AX

Co-Chair of the UCL Research Ethics Committee (

Tel.: 0044-20-7753 5844 / Email:

Keywords: marshmallow, Althea officinalis, roots, #Pharmacognosy, #Phytochemistry, #Phytotherapy.

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