Ethnopharmacological, phytochemistry and other potential applications of Dodonaea genus: A comprehensive review


Dodonaea (family Sapindaceae) – a genus of flowering plant (above 70 species recorded) and used for various activities. Dodonaea viscosa, D. angustifolia, D. spatulate, D. polyandra and D. ceratocarpa are well-known species of this genus. In spite of the possible health support, different plant species from this genus are not extensively noticed in the modern medicine system. Dodonaea genus has been traditionally used in the treatment of scurvy, inflammation, kidney pain, sore throat, intestinal parasite, herpes, wounds burn, rheumatism, cough, backache, toothache, skin burn, skin infection, tumor and wound healing. Plant leaves, stem and fruits are occasionally used in the formulation of traditional medicine. In terms of phytoconstituents, flavonoids, flavones and their derivatives, terpenoids and saponins are major isolated compounds. They have shown antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, hepatoprotective and anti-plasmodial activities. Plants of Dodonaea genus show insecticide, weedicide, pesticide activity and exhibit allelopathic effect. Further, some isolated bacteria from roots of D. viscosa have been used in other plants as a plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria. Additionally, leaf extract has also been used in nanoparticle synthesis. These particles have shown a significant antioxidant activity; and antibacterial activity towards both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Overall, this review paper aims to describe the different aspects of Dodonaea genus such as botanical description, ethnomedicinal uses, phytochemistry, pharmacological and agricultural applications of Dodonaea genus. Besides, some other miscellaneous studies and applications have been also reviewed.

Read full text: Fekade Beshah, Yilma Hunde, Mesfin Getachew, Rakesh Kumar Bachheti, Azamal Husen, Archana Bachheti, Ethnopharmacological, phytochemistry and other potential applications of Dodonaea genus: A comprehensive review, Current Research in Biotechnology, Volume 2, 2020, Pages 103-119,

Keywords: Healthcare system, Ethnomedicinal uses, Phytochemical constituents, Pharmacological properties, Green synthesis, Various applications, Dodonaea viscosa, Dodonaea genus (family Sapindaceae), Ethnopharmacology, Phytochemistry, #Ethnopharmacology, #Phytochemistry.

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