Digitalization offers huge potential to transform many areas of society, business, health, and public life. Medicine is no exception, although the introduction of digital technology in medical practice is lagging behind. In addition to patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs), in modern healthcare numerous other professional and individual groups (regulators, insurance providers, technology developers, patients’ friends and relatives) can contribute to health intervention outcomes, and optimal communication/interaction channels among them are of key importance.

The major aims of Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Digital Health and Patient Safety (LBIDHPS) are to develop, and later introduce, digital tools that will enhance patient safety by: (I) empowering patients; (II) empowering HCP; (III) assisting decision-making. In line with this agenda, the LBI DH has three working programme lines (PLs) focused on the empowerment of health professionals, of patients, and on assisting decision making / telehealth.

Atanas G. Atanasov is the PI of LBIDHPS programme line “Patient empowerment to increase safety and health literacy with digital tools”.

More information about LBIDHPS can be viewed on the Institute website, and Facebook page.

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