The 6th Annual Meeting of GP-TCM RA

The 6th Annual Meeting of
the Good Practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Association

Hosted by
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (RBGK) and London South Bank University (LSBU)
London, United Kingdom
4th-6th July 2018

Aims of conference:

 To provide an overview of new methods that can be used to enhance our knowledge about plants and fungi used in TCM.
 To identify what evidence is needed to further the development of TCM in the West.
 To identify key issues associated with the supply and quality of plants and fungi used in TCM and how this could be improved.
 What are the regulatory challenges that TCM faces in the West and how could these be addressed.
 What are the commercial opportunities for quality TCM products in China and the West: how can scientists help?

The conference will take place at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (4th & 5th July 2018) and at London South Bank University (6th July 2018)

The conference will bring together scientists, clinicians, regulators and business people involved in different aspects of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The conference takes place in the year that celebrates the birth 500 years ago of Li Shizhen. He was the author of the famous Compendium of Materia Medica and considered by many to be the greatest scientific naturalist of China. The aim of the conference is to to address the current challenges and opportunities that face the development of traditional Chinese medicine as a global resource in modern day medicine.

To reflect our commitments to good practices in TCM research and development, speakers will include representatives from industry that are bringing new medicines to market based on traditional Chinese medicine as well as those studying different aspects of quality control. This will include the need to embrace new techniques and monographs for monitoring the control of granules entering the trade. Other speakers will provide a summary of the increased knowledge about the chemistry, pharmacology and safety of TCM plants and fungi. The first two days of the conference (4th and 5th July) will at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew just outside London. Clinical Studies (herbal) and Acupuncture sessions will be held at London South Bank University (6thJuly) and will include methodology, evidence, effectiveness, policy and health care provision. The conference will be restricted to about 200 people and there will be no parallel sessions. The conference aims to bring together a multi-disciplinary audience to hear talks from an international group of speakers that will address key questions associated with TCM.

We hope you will be able to attend the conference and share your views as to what needs to be done to optimise the benefits that traditional Chinese medicine could contribute to our wellbeing. We will be accepting posters and hope that young scientists will take this opportunity to showcase their findings.

Who should attend the conference?

Pharmacologists, natural product chemists and those interested in drug development
Those involved in the conservation and sustainable supply of medicinal plants and fungi
Companies interested in developing products based on traditional Chinese medicines
Clinicians and acupuncturists involved in TCM

Outline of conference

The conference will include sessions on:

A celebration of Li Shizhen’s birth in 1518
Quality control of plants and fungi used in TCM
Regulatory Aspects of TCM
Conservation and sustainable supply of plant/fungal material
Pharmacology and toxicology
Clinical TCM studies
Commercial development of TCM products


Further information and registration on the GP-TCM RA website 


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