The berries on the top


BACKGROUND: Berries are important sources of crucial dietary components such as vitamins and minerals, as well as various phytonutrients that may be potentially beneficial to human health and could be used against chronic diseases including cancer and cardiovascular disorders.

OBJECTIVE: The current study aimed to identify and analyze the 100 most cited papers related to berry research.

METHODS: The Scopus database was searched to extract data. Two of the authors independently evaluated the manuscripts for relevance. Bibliometric data, including citation count, were analyzed together with the words in the titles and abstracts of the 100 most cited berry-related papers.

RESULTS: Seventy-two of the 100 most cited papers were research articles. Most of them were published during the 2000s, and related to subject areas of agricultural and biological sciences (n = 64), biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology (n = 35), chemistry (n = 29), medicine (n = 24), and nursing (n = 10). Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry was the dominating choice of publication outlet (n = 26).

CONCLUSIONS: Antioxidant and anticancer benefits appeared to be the major subject terms. Berries that were mentioned in at least 10% of the 100 papers were strawberry, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, blackberry, bilberry, and grape berry. The review could provide a valuable guide for designing future studies based on berries, berry extracts, and bioactive compounds.

Full text of the study can be accessed at the website of the publisher (journal subscription is needed), can be obtained by one-click-request on ResearchGate (by hitting the “Request full text” button), or can be supplied on demand by email request to


The berries on the top. Yeung, Andy Wai Kan; Tzvetkov, Nikolay T.; Zengin, Gokhan; Wang, Dongdong; Xu, Suowen; Mitrović, Goranka; Brnčić, Mladen; Dall’Acqua, Stefano; Pirgozliev, Vasil; Kijjoa, Anake; Georgiev, Milen; Atanasov, Atanas G. (2019), Journal of Berry Research, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 125-139.

Keywords: Antioxidant, berry, bibliometrics, chemistry, citation analysis, food science, highly cited paper, Scopus, VOSviewer, 100 most cited papers, berries research, antioxidant and anticancer benefits, phytonutrients.

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