Tissue Engineering and Wound Repair

Special Thematic Issue for the journal Current Cosmetic Science:  Tissue Engineering and Wound Repair

Guest Editor: Dr. Raghu Ram Achar

Scope of the Thematic Issue:
In recent times, wound healing agents have been important in the cosmetic industry. There has been an enormous amount of research focused on efficient tissue engineering techniques supportive of various stages of the wound healing process. Researchers working on various models of tissues engineering and wound healing may register their findings and contribute to a productive debate in this thrust area. The cellular and molecular events associated with tissue regeneration or repair are being studied in detail. In general, wound healing and its associated aspects have recently bee n dealt with the utmost care, particularly because it involves a cosmetic approach. The thematic issue focuses on accelerated wound healing and tissue regeneration approaches, emphasizing the cellular and biochemical events and covering tissue engineering aspects . On one end, the issue aims to add
molecular based and cellular based strategies to develop therapeutic agents of cosmetic relevance. Moreover, the coverage of molecular based therapies would cover synthetic, traditional, folklore, alternative, and complementary medicines , and the cellular based therapies would cover the advancements in stem cell based strategies and the materials involved in them.

Keywords: wounds, healing, tissue regeneration, remodeling, stem cells, tissue engineering, bioactives

The following subtopics are covered in the issue:
➢ Biochemistry of wound healing and tissue regeneration
➢ Strategies to enhance wound healing
➢ Stem cell based tissue engineering
➢ Formulations/extracts/bio actives for wound healing and tissue regeneration
➢ Biomaterials for wound therapeutics

Complete thematic issue submission deadline: August 202 2
Guest Editor
Name: Dr. Raghu Ram Achar
Division of Biochemistry, School of Life Sciences, JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Mysuru, Karnataka, India 570015.
Email: rracharya@jssuni.edu.in