Core papers in Natural Products Research

Have you ever asked yourself how to get some core basic information on a field of research you are getting active in? We are a group of experts in Natural Product Research putting together a list of core papers you should read if you are new to the field! Upon finalizing the list based on the received recommendations, we will publish it and broadly disseminate it so that it could be used as a guide for people who want  to learn about the Natural Product Research field. Would you like to nominate? What papers or books should we consider? Please give us your nominations anonymously via the link below:



Reference (with a focus on the ethnopharmacology field):

Jalil B, Schultz F and Heinrich M (2023) Where to begin? The best publications for newcomers to ethnopharmacology. Front. Pharmacol. 14:1141502. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2023.1141502