Quantitative Bioactivity Signatures of Dietary Supplements and Natural Products


Dietary supplements and natural products are often marketed as safe and effective alternatives to conventional drugs, but their safety and efficacy are not well regulated. To address the lack of scientific data in these areas, we assembled a collection of Dietary Supplements and Natural Products (DSNP), as well as Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) plant extracts. These collections were then profiled in a series of in vitro high-throughput screening assays, including a liver cytochrome p450 enzyme panel, CAR/PXR signaling pathways, and P-glycoprotein (P-gp) transporter assay activities. This pipeline facilitated the interrogation of natural product–drug interaction (NaPDI) through prominent metabolizing pathways. In addition, we compared the activity profiles of the DSNP/TCM substances with those of an approved drug collection (the NCATS Pharmaceutical Collection or NPC). Many of the approved drugs have well-annotated mechanisms of action (MOAs), while the MOAs for most of the DSNP and TCM samples remain unknown. Based on the premise that compounds with similar activity profiles tend to share similar targets or MOA, we clustered the library activity profiles to identify overlap with the NPC to predict the MOAs of the DSNP/TCM substances. Our results suggest that many of these substances may have significant bioactivity and potential toxicity, and they provide a starting point for further research on their clinical relevance.

Full text: Quantitative Bioactivity Signatures of Dietary Supplements and Natural Products, Adam Yasgar, Danielle Bougie, Richard T. Eastman, Ruili Huang, Misha Itkin, Jennifer Kouznetsova, Caitlin Lynch, Crystal McKnight, Mitch Miller, Deborah K. Ngan, Tyler Peryea, Pranav Shah, Paul Shinn, Menghang Xia, Xin Xu, Alexey V. Zakharov, and Anton Simeonov, ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science 2023 6 (5), 683-701