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Dr. Emmanuel K. Kumatia
Dr. Emmanuel K. Kumatia
11 months ago

REQUEST FOR RESEARCH COLLABORATIONS Introduction I’m Dr. Emmanuel Kofi Kumatia. I hold a Ph.D. in Pharmacognosy. I am a Research Fellow and the Head of the Phytochemistry Department at Centre for Plant Medicine Research (Centre) at Mampong –Akwapim, Ghana; West Africa. l workrd as a phytochemist, pharmacologist and pharmacognocist at the Centre. The Centre is a public institution and World Health Organization (WHO) collaborative Centre for Traditional Medicine Research. Apart from the Phytochemistry Department, the Centre also has other departments which include Pharmacology, Clinic with laboratory and Plant Development Department among others where I carry out most of my research… Read more »

Diaconeasa Zorita
Diaconeasa Zorita
10 months ago

Dear colleagues, we are pleasant to invite you to contribute on our latest Special Issue on Biomolecules, entitle “Plant-Based Biomolecules—Potential Effects on Degenerative Diseases” (IF-4.696, Q1). Please find below more info about.

Dr. Yugal Kishore Mohanta
Dr. Yugal Kishore Mohanta
9 months ago

Hope all are doing well and active to serve the world through science.I am very happy with the activities and update information sharing through the INPST. As I am basically from India and my native place is just closely associated with natural resources which has high potential of medicinal plants and wild mushrooms.Even I have been also working on exploring the hidden potential of such resources. But in the mean time I need active collaboration for further work and complete exploitation of the resources with finding of new natural lead molecules for drug and other value-added product as well with… Read more »

Abdul Bari Shah
Abdul Bari Shah
23 days ago

Respected Professors, I completed my master in organic and natural product chemistry from Republic of Korea. I want a position for PhD, for detail my CV will be available. Thanks