RT @MeadowGood: @BSBreastCancer @HospitalsTalkTo @jenhowse @LGlaucomflecken @marklewismd @Jo92Jo @DrJRubenstein @DrLindaMD @nata…

RT @MeadowGood: @BSBreastCancer @HospitalsTalkTo @jenhowse @LGlaucomflecken @marklewismd @Jo92Jo @DrJRubenstein @DrLindaMD @nataliemwall @acweyand @tmprowell @DrSGraff @chemobrainfog @annepeledmd It is an overwhelming & confusing time. Everyone is different. I didn’t know when I became a survivor of cancer but even after chemo/radiation, still feel like a warrior. Some don’t want to refer to it as a battle at all because there really isn’t winning or losing.

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